Glad you asked! What makes us so special is that all of our featured VA business owners and freelancers have been through our strict application and approval process linked to our essential criteria we know all online businesses need to work safely and professionally.

So you can be sure that you and your business are in safe hands.  And, you can focus on finding the magic! We’re also proud to have been the first organisation to have first championed the need for and set industry standards.

All of our VAs & Freelancers adhere to strict criteria so you can rest safe, knowing you are selecting a professional.

Our full list of criteria can be viewed HERE.

Our strict  application process is what makes us different and it enables us to give you certain guarantees about our members.  At the very least they will have submitted to us photo ID, proof of appropriate insurance and data protection registration, robust contracts, website and up to date social media profiles. We also check whether they have appropriate policies in place and that their client on-boarding process are sound. All agree to background checks and whilst we do not carry these out automatically, we will if required. From time to time we spot check skills so we can ensure that they are proficient in the skills and systems they are providing a service for.   *While we make reasonable efforts to ensure that all of the details are correct, we are not liable for any information that may come to light as untrue.

Finding your VA through our directory is easy, and completely FREE.

We are not an employment agency, we have a solid membership of great VAs who we want to connect with the business owners that need them.  Therefore we do not charge for our service.  All we ask is perhaps you give our page a little like on FB or you leave us a FB or LinkedIn review!

All of our profiles have social media profile details and a contact form so that you can get in touch with quickly and directly.

None whatsoever – we are not an employment agency.  We are of course on hand to support you if required at any time around how to work with VAs more generically.

Please direct all queries to VIP VA HQ at info@vipva.org.

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